Changing the security context of an Altiris task

The IBM Director Agent and UpdateXpress System Pack post-installation jobs need Administrator privileges to run properly. This section describes the process for changing the security context of these jobs.


Follow these steps to change the security context of an Altiris job:

  1. Start the Altiris Deployment Solution console, select and expand the IBM ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Windows Edition job folder.
  2. Under Modular Deployment Tools, expand Post-Installation Configuration.
  3. Under Post-Installation Configuration, expand the appropriate subfolder, and select the job you want to modify. This example uses the Run UpdateXpress System Pack Installer job.
  4. Click the Run Script to select it, as shown here:
    Selecting the Run Script task
  5. With the Run Script task highlighted, click Modify to open the Run Script wizard as shown here:
    Altiris Run Script wizard.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Under Client Run Environment, select Specify user and enter Administrator, as shown here:
    Specifying the user
  8. Click Specify user to open the Set user name and password window.
  9. Enter the administrator password for the system, then click OK.
  10. Click Next to proceed to the end of the Run Script wizard, then click Finish to exit the wizard.