Setting up the source server

This section describes the steps required to set up the source server for the Toolkit.

After you have installed the Toolkit, you must complete the following steps before using the source server:
Attention: A fully automated ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit CD, DVD, or USB solution has the ability to re-partition and reformat a system without warning. For best results, to avoid accidental loss of data, remove the CD, DVD, or USB key from the system boot order on the source server as soon as it is no longer required.

Source server default settings

The ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Windows Edition comes configured to use a set of defaults for access to the source server. If you do not want to use these defaults, you must change them in the .ini files used by the Toolkit, located in the sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE\ScenarioINIs directory.

The Toolkit uses the following default settings:
  • Server name: sgtksrv
  • Shared directory name: sgshare
  • User ID and password: sgtk0clnt
These settings are only necessary for network share deployments. For more information about changing these settings, see Customizing source server settings.