Server data disposal

Sample jobs are available to perform a data disposal.

The first job performs a disposal and resets the RAID configuration. The second job performs a server data disposal only.

The variables in the following table can be customized for these jobs within the Altiris Console.
Variable Values
  • quick - performs a quick wipe of the disks.
  • dod - performs a multipass wipe of the disks that conforms to DOD standards.
TK_Wipe_Repeat_Number number - indicates the number of passes to complete.
TK_Wipe_Disk disk_number - indicates the number of disks to wipe. By default, "1" is the first disk in the system.
Note: Disk numbers from diskpart.exe do not translate directly to TK_Wipe_Disk, because diskpart.exe numbers the first disk as disk zero, while TK_Wipe_Disk numbers it as disk one. You must add one to the disk number returned by diskpart.exe to wipe the correct disk with TK_Wipe_Disk.
Note: Depending on the size of the drives involved and the wipe level, these jobs can take up to several hours to complete.