The Array_Defaults parameter defines the default values to use for the variance and number of hot-spare drives when AUTO is specified for the Array_Mode parameter. The Array_Defaults parameter is not valid if theArray_Mode parameter is set to CUSTOM.

The value of Array_Defaults is expressed in the format: variance:hotspares, where:

variance specifies the percentage variance to use when selecting drives to add to the array. This parameter is useful when you are using drives that vary slightly in size. Variance is based on a percentage of the drive size in MB. The valid values are:
  • 0% - Combine only drives with equal size in MB into a single array.
  • 5% - Combine all drives within 5 percent size in MB into a single array.
  • 10% - Combine all drives within 10 percent size in MB into a single array.
  • 100% - Combine all drives, regardless of size in MB, into a single array.

hotspares is an integer that specifies the total number of hot-spare drives to create. The largest drives are chosen as hot-spare drives first. If not enough drives are available to create hot-spare drives, PRAID does not create any hot-spare drives.


Array_Defaults = 5%:1