The Logical.num parameter specifies the number of logical drives that are created and the parameters for each logical drive. You can set the array letter for the location and size of the logical drive, RAID level, and write-caching mode for each logical drive. The first logical drive must be labeled Logical.1. Additional logical drives are numbered Logical.2, Logical.3, and so on. You must specify at least one logical drive for each array. The maximum number of drives allowed per array and the maximum total number of logical drives allowed is determined by the specific RAID controller.

Values for this parameter are expressed in the format: array:size:raidlevel:writecmode where array specifies the array letter, and size, raidlevel, and writecmode are as described in Logical_Defaults.


Logical.1 = A:50%:0
Logical.2 = A:50%:5EE
Logical.3 = B:FILL:1:ON
Logical.4 = C:4096:AUTO:AUTO