Acquiring the IBM Linux pre-installation environment

If the Linux Scripting Toolkit is unable to download the environment during the Boot Environment step of the initial configuration, you can use this procedure to acquire the pre-installation environment. This method is useful if either the environment could not be downloaded or the source server does not have access to the Internet.

Before you begin

To manually acquire the pre-installation environment, you must have a workstation with access to both the Internet and the Linux Scripting Toolkit source server.

About this task

To manually acquire the pre-installation environment, use the IBM ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator, included with the Linux Scripting Toolkit. This procedure describes the process for running the Bootable Media Creator from a workstation and copying it to the source server.


  1. Copy the version of ibm_utl_bomc for your Linux distribution and system architecture from /opt/ibm/sgtk/wui/bin to a workstation with access to the IBM website.
  2. On the workstation, run the Bootable Media Creator:
    ibm_utl_bomc_x.xx_windows_i386.exe --function=linuxtk  -l C:\temp
    The Bootable Media Creatoracquires the pre-installation environment .zip file and stores it in the location indicated. In this example, the location is C:\temp.
  3. Copy the file to a location on the source server, for example: /root/
  4. Start the console by using the following command:
  5. At the prompt for the new boot environment file:
    1. Choose Local as the retrieval method.
    2. For the new boot environment file path, enter /root/