Use this parameter to describe when the current policy is chosen to configure the RAID controllers. You can define up to 20 AppliesTo.n entries per policy. You must have an AppliesTo.1 entry for each policy; the AppliesTo.n parameter is the only required parameter of a policy.

The AppliesTo.n parameter includes a comma delimited list that contains one or more of the following parameters:
  • m:mtype, where mtype is the four digit machine type of a LenovoeServer or xSeries server.
  • s:serial, where serial is the serial number of a LenovoeServer or xSeries server.
  • c:contn, where contn is the controller number (scan order) of the RAID controller with respect to all other RAID controllers in the system.

    The number assigned to a particular controller is dependent on the controller's physical PCI slot and the order in which the system scans its PCI slots.

  • t:ctype, where ctype is the type of the controller. The type is not case-sensitive, and it must be one of the controller types listed in the table of RAID adapters supported by PRAID.
  • d:drives, where drives is an integer value that specifies the number of drives connected to the controller. Only drives in a Ready state after resetting the controller to factory-default settings are counted.
  • ALL Indicates that this policy must be used for all RAID controllers. This parameter is useful when you declare a default policy that is not covered by any of the other policies.


The following example illustrates use of the m,s,c,t, and d parameters:
AppliesTo.1 = m:8865,t:ServeRAID-7t 
AppliesTo.2 = c:1,d:15,s:87R478U
The following example shows use of the ALL parameter:
AppliesTo.1 = ALL