Firmware updates

The Update firmware task updates firmware on the target system with UpdateXpress System Packs (UXSPs). Linux Scripting Toolkit provides a sample configuration file for the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer (uxspixxx, where xxx is the version of the installer).

The following table describes the settings available in the sample configuration file.
Table 1. Sample configuration file settings
Setting Description
  • Specifies the location where the UXSPs are copied.
  • Value: /sgdeploy/updates/uxsp
  • Specifies whether UXSPi should apply the latest updates to the target system if no UXSPs are found for that system.
  • Setting this variable to yes will force the installer to apply the latest updates for the system if no UXSPs are found for it.
  • Valid values: Yes, No
  • Default: No
  • Specifies user provided command line arguments for processing by UpdateXpress System Pack Installer in Update mode.
  • To provide command line arguments for UXSPi, set this variable to the command line arguments.
  • See UpdateXpress System Pack Installer for a list of command line arguments to use with UXSPi in Update mode.
  • Default: update unattended firmware

For more information, see UpdateXpress System Pack Installer.