Downloading and installing Linux Scripting Toolkit

This procedure describes how to download and install Linux Scripting Toolkit.

Before you begin the installation, you must first download the lnvgy_utl_sgtklnx_x.xx_linux_32- 64.rpm file and make it accessible to the source server.

To install the Linux Scripting Toolkit package for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the .rpm file from the
  2. Open a command line terminal.
  3. Change the directory to the location of the toolkit .rpm file.
  4. Run the following command: rpm ivh lnvgy_utl_sgtklnx_x.xx_linux_32- 64.rpm.
    By default, Linux Scripting Toolkit is installed to /opt/lnvgy/sgtk.
  5. Optional: To change the path, use the -relocate rpm option.
    For example, to relocate to /usr/local/sgtk, enter:
    rpm -ivh -thaqnrelocate /opt/lnvgy/sgtk=/usr/local/sgtk 
    lnvgy_utl_sgtklnx_x.xx_linux_32- 64.rpm