Acquiring the LenovoLinux pre-installation environment

If Linux Scripting Toolkit is unable to download the environment during the Boot Environment step of the initial configuration, you can use this procedure to acquire the pre-installation environment. This method is useful if either the environment cannot be downloaded or the source server does not have access to the Internet.

To manually acquire the pre-installation environment, you must have a workstation with access to both the Internet and the Linux Scripting Toolkit source server.
To manually acquire the pre-installation environment, use LenovoBootable Media Creator, included with the Linux Scripting Toolkit. This procedure describes the process for running Bootable Media Creator from a workstation and copying it to the source server.
  1. Copy the version of lnvgy_utl_bomc for your Linux distribution and system architecture from /opt/lnvgy/sgtk/wui/bin to a workstation with access to the
  2. On the workstation, run Bootable Media Creator:
    lnvgy_utl_bomc_x.xx_windows_i386.exe --function=linuxtk  -l C:\temp
    Bootable Media Creator acquires the pre-installation environment .zip file and stores it in the location indicated. In this example, the location is C:\temp.
  3. Copy the file to a location on the source server, for example: /root/
  4. Start the console by using the following command:
  5. At the prompt for the new boot environment file:
    1. Choose Local as the retrieval method.
    2. For the new boot environment file path, enter /root/