Configuring an NFS server for deployments

This section describes the process for configuring the source server for Linux Scripting Toolkit.

To perform network deployments, you must configure the Network File System (NFS) on the source server to work properly with Toolkit. The NFS server enables you to share files from the source server across your network. All NFS server exports must be defined in the /etc/exports file. Follow this procedure to add the values required by Toolkit to the file.
  1. Edit the file /etc/exports
    to include the following line:
    /opt/lnvgy/sgtk/sgdeploy *(ro,sync,no_root_squash,no_all_squash)
    This will export the /opt/lnvgy/sgtk/sgdeploy directory for any host with read-only permissions. The base directory that you define in the /etc/exports file must correspond to the value in the Preferences page of Toolkit.
  2. Restart the NFS daemon by using the appropriate command for your version of Linux:
    • For Red Hat:
      # /sbin/service nfs restart
    • For SUSE Linux:
      # service nfsserver restart
The files in the base directory are now available for use by hosts across your network.