Adding Windows PE drivers

You can add device drivers to an existing Windows PE device driver set or you can create a new driver set.

Before you begin

To add device drivers to your Windows installations,System Enablement Packs (SEPs) must be installed. For more information about SEPs, see Downloading and installing System Enablement Packs (SEPs).

About this task

After an SEP is installed, the Windows PE device drivers are located in subdirectories of the sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE\Drivers directory. The subdirectories are named WinPE_architecturetype_TK_YYYY-MM-DD, where architecturetype is the processor architecture, x86 or x64, and YYYY-MM-DD is the date that the drivers were created.

Each driver set has a DrvSet.ini file in the root of the directory. The Toolkit Windows PE build process reads this file and uses the fields Windows Version, Creation Date, and Creation Time to determine which drivers are the most recent, and therefore will be installed. By modifying the directory structure and creating a new DrvSet.ini file, you can either add drivers to existing driver sets, or you can create a new driver set.