Adding the installation of UpdateXpress System Packs to your deployment

This section describes how to install the UpdateXpress System Packupdates as part of your deployment.

Before you begin

To complete this process, you will need to either obtain the UpdateXpress System Pack from the IBM website, or use the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer (UXSPi) provided with the ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit at sgdeploy\updates\uxsp\ibm_utl_uxspi_x.xx_winsrvr_32-64.exe to acquire updates. For more information about how to obtain updates by using the UXSPi, see Using UXSPi to download updates.

About this task

To add the installation of UXSP updates to your deployment:


  1. Download the UpdateXpress System Pack for the desired machine type and operating system combination into the source tree in the updates\uxsp directory. Always choose the same destination directory for each UpdateXpress System Pack download. If you are prompted, overwrite any existing files that are duplicated in the new download.
  2. Set the UpdateXpress environment variable, TK_NOS_PerformPostOSInstallUXSPUpdates under the Applications Settings section in the scenario .ini file, to Yes. This variable is located in the [NOS Installation Settings] section of the SGTKWinPE user settings. For more information, see SGTKWinPE user settings.


The UXSP updates are installed upon completion of a Windows operating system installation.

What to do next

Verify that the updates were installed by checking the log file C:\IBM_Support\IBM_WinPEToolkit.log.