Installing an operating system on a multi-adapter system

This section describes the special considerations for installing an operating system on a multi-adapter system.

When you perform a Windows installation the ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Windows edition attempts to install Windows to the first disk on the system presented by the diskpart command line utility.

Due to limitations of the system, when multiple storage adapters are present on the system, the first disk presented by the diskpart utility is not always the first disk on the system.

You can control what disk the operating system is installed to by using the TK_Partition_DiskNum variable in the Partitioning section of the SGTKWinPE.ini settings file. To determine the value for the disk you want to install to, complete RAID configuration and then run the utility GetDiskData.cmd to determine the available disks.

When a system contains a Fibre HBA that has been configured with a logical drive mapped to Logical Unit Number (LUN) 0, the Toolkit uses this drive as the boot device. Therefore, the Toolkit will fail if a different drive is selected for the Windows installation. If you want to install to a different drive, disable the BIOS for the HBA before beginning your deployment.