Modifying the Windows PE image

You can manually modify the Windows PE build image by creating directories, adding files, modifying files and scripts, or making any other changes required by your deployment. The following sections describe the methods for modifying the Windows PE build image.

About this task

If you modify the image manually, you must re-create your deployment ISO file. When you have completed your changes, run the SGTKWinPE.cmd script by using the .ini file that you used previously, adding the /ISO switch to regenerate the ISO file. Then run the SGTKWinPE.cmd script again, using the .ini file that was previously used, and add the /StartISO switch to re-create the CD or DVD, as described in the following example procedure.


The example uses the ScenarioINIs\Network\Windows_x86_EE.ini settings file.

  1. Change directory to \sgshare\sgdeploy\sgtkwinpe.
  2. Run the following command to generate the initial image without creating an ISO image or starting the media burning software: SGTKWinPE.cmd ScenarioINIs\Network\Windows_x86_EE.ini /Image
  3. Manually modify the generated Windows PE image in the \sgshare\sgdeploy\WinPE_ScenarioOutput\Network_Win2008_x86_EE\ISO directory.
  4. Create the ISO file with the modified image by using the SGTKWinPE command and the /ISO option, as shown: SGTKWinPE.cmd ScenarioINIs\Network\Windows_x86_EE.ini /ISO
  5. Start the CD burning software by using the SGTKWinPE command and the /StartISO option as shown: SGTKWinPE.cmd ScenarioINIs\Network\Windows_x86_EE.ini /StartISO