Configuring a Fibre HBA boot task

This section describes how to create a boot task to configure the boot information for Fibre Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).

Before you begin

Before you install the operating system, you can configure a Fibre HBA to boot from a Storage Area Network (SAN) and install an operating system to the SAN. To boot from the SAN, the Fibre HBA must be configured with a logical drive mapped to a Logical Unit Number (LUN). The HBA to be configured must have permission to access the logical drive and LUN.

After configuring a Fibre HBA boot task, you can create a task to install one of the supported Windows operating systems. For more information about creating Windows installation packages, see About customizing Windows installation scenarios. For a list of HBAs supported by the ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, see Fibre Channel HBA support.

About this task

The following example describes how create a task to perform a local Fibre configuration on the target system to allow the operating system to be installed on the SAN.


  1. Open a command prompt, and change directory to \sgshare\sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE.
  2. Create the Fibre configuration ISO image by running the command SGTKWinPE.cmd, using the Fibre_Config_Only_x86.ini file provided by the Toolkit as shown: SGTKWinPE.cmd ScenarioINIs\Local\Fibre_Config_Only_x86.ini The ISO image is created in ..\WinPE_ScenarioOutput\Local_Fibre_Config_Only_x86\WinPE_x86.iso, and your media creation software is started to create bootable media from the image.
    Note: The default settings in the Fibre_Config_Only_x86.ini file configure the first drive mapped to LUN 0 as a boot device. To avoid errors, ensure that your SAN configuration includes at least one logical drive mapped to LUN 0.
  3. Boot the target system from the created media, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the deployment.