Adding drivers to a new device driver set

This topic describes the process for creating a new device driver set.

If there are no conflicting file names, you can put multiple drivers in a single directory and all of them will be installed.
  1. Create a subdirectory for the new driver set in: sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE\Drivers.
    The subdirectory name cannot have any spaces or special characters.
  2. Create subdirectories in this new folder and copy your driver files into the subdirectories.
  3. Create a file called DrvSet.ini in the root directory of your new driver set.
    The easiest way to do this is to make a copy of a DrvSet.ini file from one of the WinPE driver sets that came with the Toolkit.
  4. Update the fields in the DrvSet.ini file by using the following format:
    Supported Systems = all
    Windows Version = WinPE21architecture_type
    Scripting Toolkit Version = 2.1
    Creation Date = DD Month YYYY
    Creation Time = HH:MM:SS
    BuildID = 2008-06-01
    • Windows Version indicates the architecture type of your driver set, such as: WinPE21x86, WinPE21x64, WinPE40x86, or WinPE40x64.
      • The WinPE21 version drivers are also installed with Windows PE 3.0. You can use the same indicators for deployment scenarios built with WAIK 1.1 or 2.0.
      • The WinPE40 version drivers are installed with Windows PE 4.0 for deployment scenarios built with ADK.
    • Creation Date is the day you created the driver set. Use the format: DD Month YYYY.
    • Creation Time is the time you created the driver set. Use the format HH:MM:SS.
  5. Run the build process to install all of the drivers in the set.