Automatic continuation of the Toolkit processes

Some Toolkit processes require that a server is restarted before the processes can continue, such as a RAID configuration. By default, the remaining toolkit processes automatically continue after a restart. This feature can be disabled, requiring you to press a key to continue the remaining Toolkit processes after the Windows PE image boots.

To activate the automatic continuation of the Toolkit processes, the variables listed in this table are available in the [Toolkit Process Settings] section of the SGTKWinPE settings .ini files. This option also uses the timer.
Table 1. AutoContinueToolkitProcesses setting
Setting name Description
  • Enables automatic continuation of Toolkit processes during required reboots and is useful for debugging.
  • Valid setting values:
    • Yes
    • No
    • Default: Yes
  • Selecting No turns this setting off and results in prompts to continue the Toolkit processes after Windows PE CD or DVD reboots.
  • Automatic start countdown timer in seconds.
  • Default: 60