Automatic start of the Toolkit processes

This topic lists the settings required to automatically start the Toolkit processes.

After the Windows PE image boots, to start the specified Toolkit processes, you are required to press a key. To have the Toolkit processes start automatically, you can use the following variables, which are available in the [Toolkit Process Settings] section of the SGTKWinPE settings .ini files. These variables include the ability to activate the automatic start of the Toolkit processes by setting a timer:
Table 1. AutoStartToolkitProcesses setting
Setting Description
  • Enables the automatic start of the Toolkit processes. Setting this value to No causes the user to be prompted to start the Toolkit processes when booting from the Windows PE CD or DVD.
  • Valid values are: Yes, No
  • Default: No
  • Automatic start countdown timer in seconds.
  • Default: 60