The winlpcfg utility configures Fibre Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).

Two versions of the utility come with ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit:

You can download winlpcfg from Emulex at: For additional information about the winlpcfg utility, refer to the documentation in the sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE\Docs\winlpcfg directory.

The winlpcfg utility uses the following syntax:
Table 1. winlpcfg syntax
Syntax Description
winlpcfg.exe help
winlpcfg.exe ?
winlpcfg.exe help command
winlpcfg.exe ? command
  • Displays winlpcfg Help.
  • To view a list of all available commands, enter: winlpcfg.exe help or winlpcfg.exe ?.
  • To view Help for a specific command, add the command name. For example:
    winlpcfg.exe help download
    winlpcfg.exe ? download
winlpcfg.exe listwwn
Lists all of the adapters installed in the system and shows the factory-assigned WWN, the nonvolatile WWPN, and the WWNN used to identify the adapter in the SAN.
winlpcfg.exe listhba
Lists the following information for all installed adapters in the system:
  • Adapter number
  • IEEE address assigned by the manufacturer
  • Firmware version
  • Adapter type
  • Possible mailbox errors
winlpcfg.exe readbootdevice 
Displays the WWN, LUN, and the topology in use for the indicated boot device.
winlpcfg.exe enableboot 
n=adapter_number i=index
Enables or disables the BootBIOS specified by the index number on the specified adapter.
winlpcfg.exe setbootdevice 
n=adapter_number w0=
wwpn_word_0 w1=wwpn_word_2 l=lun t=
  • Sets the boot device to the indicated adapter, WWPN, and topology.
  • Select:
    • 0 for Arbitrated Loop
    • 1 for Point to Point
winlpcfg.exe readaltboot 
  • Displays the WWN and LUN of all possible alternate boot devices.
  • Up to seven alternate boot devices are supported.
winlpcfg.exe setaltboot i=index
 w1=wwpn_word_2 l=lun
  • Specifies an alternate boot device.
  • You can set up to seven boot devices by specifying indexes from 1 to 7.


The following examples illustrate winlpcfg utility usage.
Note: While some of these examples are broken across multiple lines, when using winlpcfg, you must enter all of the parameters on a single line.
Table 2. winlpcfg usage examples
Example Description
winlpcfg.exe help
Displays all available commands.
winlpcfg listwwn
Displays the WWNs of all adapters in the system
winlpcfg listhba
Lists all adapters in the system.
winlpcfg readbootdevice n=1
Displays the WWN, LUN, and topology for adapter number one.
winlpcfg enableboot n=6 i=1
Enables BootBios on adapter number 6.
winlpcfg setbootdevice n=1 w0=a1b2c3d4 
 l=46 t=0
Sets the boot device to adapter number one, LUN 46, with an Arbitrated Loop topology.
winlpcfg readaltboot n=1
Displays the WWN and LUN number of all possible alternate boot devices.
winlpcfg setaltboot n=1 i=1 w0=12345678 
w1=a842b6 l=3
Sets the alternate boot device on adapter 1, LUN 3.