Known problems and limitations

This section provides information and alternative solutions for known problems and limitations of ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Windows Edition.

Toolkit does not work on a network share drive or any drive that is not formatted using NTFS

Toolkit uses the Microsoft WindowsImagex.exe utility during the generation of the Windows PE ISO. The Imagex.exe utility fails during the creation of a deployment scenario if Toolkit is installed on a mapped network drive or a USB device that is formatted with anything other than the NTFS file system.

Unknown HID SYS device in Windows Device Manager

When a Lenovo Remote Supervisor Adapter-II is installed in a server, an unknown HID SYS device may appear in the Windows Device Manager list if the adapter OS Type is set to Linux. You can remove the unknown HID SYS device by completing the following steps after the OS installation:
  1. Boot the machine and press F1 to enter System Setup.
  2. Navigate to Advanced Setup.
  3. Navigate to RSA II Setting
  4. Set the OS Type of the Remote Supervisor Adapter-II to Other.
  5. Save and exit from System Setup.
  6. Reboot the machine and start Windows.
  7. Navigate to Device Manager.
  8. Right-click the unknown HID SYS device in the Windows Device Manager list.
  9. Select Update Driver from the menu.
  10. Select No, not at this time to connect to Windows Update.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Click Finish.

Partitioning disks appears to hang at 0 percent complete

When using Scripting Toolkit to partition disks of 300 GB or larger, the process might appear to hang at 0 percent complete. The process is not hung. It could take 15-20 minutes for the partitioning process to complete.

Windows ComputerName must be alphanumeric

The ComputerName variable used for Windows installations must be alphanumeric, and must contain at least one letter. Valid values of ComputerName must be 15 characters or less.

If ComputerName does not meet these criteria, you will receive an error during unattended Windows 2008 installations saying:
Windows could not parse or process the unattended answer file for pass 
The settings specified in the answer file cannot be applied. 
The error was detected while processing settings for component 

Limitations for RSA-II installations

You might encounter errors when using RSA-II to install Windows Server 2008 using an ISO image. These errors vary depending on the type of system getting the installation. In order to avoid these errors, when using RSA-II to install Windows Server 2008, use a mounted physical CD or DVD instead of an ISO image.

Slow network installations on System x3850 and x3950

Network installations using onboard Ethernet communications on the System x3850 and x3950 are very slow. You can avoid this problem by using an external Ethernet adapter.

Error for non existent PS/2 mouse in Device Manager

Installations of Windows Server 2008 can result in an error message being displayed in Device Manager for a non existent PS/2 mouse.

Because the error refers to a device that is not present, it can be safely ignored.

To fix this error on a System x 3250 server update the BIOS to level 1.42a or higher.

Savestat.cmd will not save to location 9 on xSeries 226 with BIOS PME170CUS

On the xSeries 226 with BIOS Level PME170CUS, savestat.cmd cannot save a value to byte nine in persistent storage.

BladeCenter HS22 unable to access bootable deployment media

When performing deployments to a BladeCenter HS22, type 1936 or 7870, the system might be unable to access the bootable media being used for the deployment. This error is caused by the system's inability to find the mounted media tray.

When this problem occurs, it is possible for all blades in the chassis to lose access to the media tray. To correct the problem, restart the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module (AMM) to restore access to the media tray.

To correct the problem, update the firmware for the system and the BladeCenter chassis to the latest level available.

If it isn't feasible to update the firmware, or if the problem persists, you can avoid it by using the Remote Control feature from the AMM to perform your deployment. For more information on this deployment method, please refer to Installing Windows remotely.

Yellow exclamation point for Microsoft ISATAP adapter

A yellow exclamation point icon might be displayed by Device Manager for the Microsoft ISATAP adapter after installing Windows Server 2008. In most cases, the adapter is functioning properly and you can continue to use the device normally.

For more information on this situation, see

Booting from SAN using Brocade Fibre Channel Adapters not supported

Booting from SAN using the Brocade Fibre Channel Adapters listed in this document is not supported.

Default Fibre configuration not supported on Emulex HBAs

The Fibre HBA Toolkit variables: Target WWNN, Target WWPN, and LUN number must be set to configure the Primary, Alternate 1, Alternate 2 and Alternate 3 boot device settings. The default settings will NOT work on Emulex Fibre HBA adapters.

No x64 support for SCSI RAID controller configuration

Lenovo Scripting Toolkit supports only 32-bit RAID configuration of ServeRAID SCSI and LSI SCSI RAID controllers. If 64-bit RAID configuration is attempted, you might receive a "No controller found" message. To avoid this issue, use the x86 RAID configuration for the SCSI controllers.

The following controllers are affected by this issue:
  • ServeRAID 4H
  • ServeRAID 4Lx
  • ServeRAID 4Mx
  • ServeRAID 5i
  • ServeRAID 6i/6i+
  • ServeRAID 6M
  • ServeRAID 7k
  • LSI SCSI (1020/1030)

ServeRAID BR10i adapter not supported on iDataPlex dx360 M2 with 12 Bay Storage Chassis (Machine type 7321)

IBM Systems Director 6.11 Platform Agent installation fails on Windows 2008

When installing the platform agent on Windows Server 2008, it might fail with return code 400. This indicates that the target system does not include Windows Installer 4.5.

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 942288:

Booting from SAN is not supported for the QLogic 10Gb Dual Port CNA for IBM System x (42C1800)\

When installing Windows using ServerGuide, disks show special ownership

When you install Windows 2008 using ServerGuide, ownership of the disk is assigned to TrustedInstaller. This is different from the default assignment of Administrators in a native Windows installation. To use the default assignment, edit the security property of the installation file to assign ownership to Administrators.