Downloading and installing System Enablement Packs (SEPs)

System Enablement Packs (SEPs) are collections of system-specific utilities, drivers, and scripts required to support a specific set of machine types. You can use SEPs to add support for systems that were released after the most current version of the Toolkit.

For ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit to support a specific machine type, you must download and install the corresponding SEP. After you have downloaded the SEP, you must install it on the Toolkit source server to be able to create deployments for the supported machine types.

Scripting Toolkit provides the DownloadSEPs.cmd command to download System Enablement Packs (SEPs) for use in creating deployments. The command file is located in the sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE directory.

  1. Run the DownloadSEPs.cmd command to download the SEP for the specified system.
    For example:
    DownloadSEPs.cmd 7327,7328
  2. Install the System Enablement Packs (SEPs) after they have been downloaded using one of the following methods:
    Table 1. Toolkit commands for downloading and installing SEPs
    Command Action
    DownloadSEPs.cmd Installs the SEPs that it has downloaded.
    InstallSEPs.cmd Installs the SEPs that are stored either in the default location,sgshare\sgdeploy\updates\uxsp, or in another location specified in the command line.
    SGTKWinPE.cmd Creates a deployment scenario that automatically prompts you to install any required SEPs.