Technical overview

Lenovo ToolsCenter Suite CLI is a collection of server management tools that utilize a command line interface program to manage firmware, hardware, and operating systems for CMM, IMM, and Flex-IOM based systems using the applications listed in the table below. ToolsCenter Suite CLI is comprised of individual ToolsCenter application modules that are easily updated. The current release of Lenovo ToolsCenter Suite CLI replaces the Advanced Settings Utility, the Online Dynamic System Analysis tools, and the UXSPI for update function. It also includes the ToolsCenter Suite CLI Portable Edition.

You can run multiple ToolsCenter Suite CLI binaries on a client operating system while using ToolsCenter Suite CLI to manage multiples servers.

ToolsCenter Suite CLI provides multinode support for IMM and supports In-Band and Out-of-band modes for both single and multiple partitions within one complex.

The following table lists the ToolsCenter Suite CLI applications.

Table 1. ToolsCenter Suite CLI applications
Application Description
  • View the current system configuration settings.
  • Create and change configuration settings for IMM-based systems.
  • Acquire system information for IMM-based systems.
  • Inventory and compares devices.
  • Download firmware and device driver updates.

  • Get device inventory information and check for available firmware and device driver updates.

  • Check for update packages in the local system folder.

  • Compare installed and available firmware and device driver versions, recommending updates to perform.

  • Update firmware and device drivers requiring upgrade.

  • logmgr
  • ospower
  • Reboot IMM.
  • Reboot CMM.
  • Reboot IOM.
  • usblan

To get started using Lenovo ToolsCenter Suite CLI, see Downloading and using ToolsCenter Suite CLI.