acquire command

Use the acquire command to download firmware and device driver updates, or update information, for supported devices, identified by machine type or package fixid, from a remote location such as Lenovo or IBM support.

acquire command syntax

Onecli.exe update acquire  --mt <machine_type> [--ostype <operating_system>] [--scope <scope>]
[--includeid <includeids>] [--report] [--metaonly] [--type <type>] [--proxy <userid:password@IP[:port]>] 
[--dir <folder>] [--output <folder>]
Table 1. acquire command parameters
Parameter Required/Optional Notes
--mt Optional

machine_type specifies the four-digit machine type of target device (IMM or CMM).

If the --scope parameter is set to individual, the machine type is not required.

For the I/O module target, the CMM machine type is specified.

--ostype Optional

operating_system specifies operating system where you are running the ToolsCenter Suite CLI. Valid choices are win2008, win2012, win2012r2, win2016, rhel5, rhel6, rhel7, sles10, sles11, sles12, esxi5.0, esxi5.1, esxi5.5, esxi6.0, and none.

None is the default setting and is used for operating system independent operations, such as xFW OOB updates.

The --ostype parameter is not required for CMM or I/O module targets.

--scope Optional

scope specifies the update scope. Valid choices are:

  • uxsp (default) to download packages with UXSP

  • latest to download the latest package updates

  • individual to download packages specified by the --includeid parameter

For the CMM and I/O module targets, the --scope parameter can only be set to latest or individual.

--dir Optional

folder specifies the path name location of the firmware package download directory.

If no directory is specified, the current directory is used for downloads.

--includeid Optional

The ids can be a comma-separated list that specifies the package IDs which are usually the package file name without file extension to acquire.

For example: lnvgy_dd_sraidmr_7.700.20.00_sles12_x86-64

By default: none is included.

If the --includeid parameter is not specified, all packages are downloaded.

If the --includeid parameter is specified, only the listed packages are downloaded: if no packages are listed, none are downloaded.

--report Optional If the --report parameter is specified, the acquire command will only output the IDs of the packages to update without downloading the packages or their metadata.
--metaonly Optional If the --metaonly parameter is specified, the acquire command will download only the XML files specifying the metadata for the update packages without downloading the update packages.
--proxy Optional

userid:password@IP[:port] specifies the proxy information for connecting to the Lenovo Support website to download update packages or information.

Note: Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported. Enclose IPv6 addresses in brackets. For example, [FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0]. If the IPv6 is LLA (Link Local IPV6), the format is [FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0%xxx]. Replace xxx with the name of the interface through which either the service processor or the sftp server (for the --sftp argument) can be reached on the local network of the OS on which the ToolsCenter Suite CLI runs.
--type Optional

type specifies the type of package to download. Valid choices are:

  • fw|dd (default) to download firmware and device drivers

  • fw to download firmware

  • dd to download device drivers

For the CMM and I/O module targets, only firmware can be downloaded.

--output Optional

folder specifies the path name location and file name for the log file.

By default, the log file output is saved to the ../Onecli-%PID%-%date%-%time%/ directory with a file name of ToolsCenter Suite CLI-update-scan.xml. Existing files are overwritten. Make sure that unique file names are specified, if multiple CLI commands are being run at the same time.

Example of the acquire command

In this example, we are downloading (update acquire command) information (--metaonly argument) about the latest updates (--scope latest argument) for a machine type 8737 server IMM (--mt 8737 argument), storing it in the “pkg” directory (--dir .\pkg argument) and storing the log file in the “output” directory (--output .\output argument).
Onecli.exe update acquire --scope latest --mt 8737 --metaonly --output .\output --dir .\pkg

Lenovo ToolsCenter Suite CLI 0.3.02
Based on module version 0.2.0
Licensed Materials - Property of Lenovo
(C) Copyright Lenovo Corp. 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
Acquiring list of updates for Machine-Type=8737 OS="OS Independent"...
(1 of 122) : qlgc_dd_fc_9.1.11.26.b_windows_32-64 ... Done
(2 of 122) : ibm_utl_msm_14.05.02.03_windows_32-64 ... Done
(3 of 122) : elx_dd_iscsi_ibm14a- ... Done
(4 of 122) : ibm_utl_msm_13.11.01.07_windows_32-64 ... Done
(5 of 122) : ibm_utl_msm_13.11.01.07_linux_32-64 ... Done
(6 of 122) : elx_dd_fc_ibm14a- ... Done
(120 of 122) : ibm_fw_uefi_b2e146h-1.60_anyos_32-64 ... Done
(121 of 122) : ibm_fw_imm2_1aoo66o-4.90_anyos_noarch ... Done
(122 of 122) : brcd_dd_fc_bfa- ... Done

Succeeded to run acquire command