rebootcmm command

Use the rebootcmm command to reboot CMM manually. This is similar to the flash command --noreboot parameter, which specifies that ToolsCenter Suite CLI will not reboot CMM after flashing firmware.

rebootcmm command syntax

OneCli.exe misc rebootcmm [--cmm <userid:password@IP[:port]>]
Table 1. CMM - rebootcmm command parameters
Parameter Required/Optional Notes
--cmm Required CMM IP and credential information.
Note: Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported. Enclose IPv6 addresses in brackets. For example, [FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0]. If the IPv6 is LLA (Link Local IPV6), the format is [FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0%xxx]. Replace xxx with the name of the interface through which either the service processor or the sftp server (for the --sftp argument) can be reached on the local network of the OS on which the ToolsCenter Suite CLI runs.

Example of the rebootcmm command

OneCli.exe misc rebootcmm --cmm USERID:PASSW0RD@[:5989]
This is the output generated from this example:
Lenovo ToolsCenterSuite CLI tcliXXX-X.X.X
Based on module version X.X.X
Licensed Materials - Property of Lenovo
(C) Copyright Lenovo Corp. 2013-2016 All Rights Reserved
Invoking SHOW command ...
Connected to IMM by IP address
Issue the reboot command
CMM is rebooting now
Waiting 4 minutes to check.
Successfully reboot CMM.