Use rdmount to mount CD/DVD drives or ISO image files on a remote IMM-based system. The application authenticates with the IMM and functions as a file server to access the virtual disk. It can also query and return a list of drives that are already mounted. Virtual disks are unmounted using the rdumount command.

rdmount syntax

rdmount.exe {-s <ipaddress> -d <path>} [-l <user> -p <password>]


Displays help information.
Queries the existing mounts and returns a list of ‘tokens’ that can then be used by rdumount to unmount a virtual disk.
Requests verbose output.
Table 1. rdmount parameters
Parameter Required/Optional Notes
-s Required Where <ipaddress> is the IP address or hostname of the remote IMM.
-d Required Where <path> is the image or optical drive directory path.
-l Optional Where <user> is an authorized user ID for the IMM.
-p Optional Where <password> is the authorized user’s password for the IMM.