Return codes

ToolsCenter Suite CLI issues a return code to indicate either successful execution of a command or to indicate an error occurred while the program was running. A return code of zero indicates the operation was successful, and a nonzero return code indicates an error.

To determine whether any errors occurred and when based on the associated timestamp, refer to one of the following log files:
  • For Windows, review the C:\Lenovo_Support\onecli.log file.
  • For Linux, review the /var/log/Lenovo_Support/onecli.log file.
The ToolsCenter Suite CLI return code tables provide a complete list of all return codes.
Table 1. ToolsCenter Suite CLI return codes
Return code Decimal base Description
0x00 0 Success
0x01 1 Invalid command line
0x02 2 Generic Failure
0x03 3 XML File missing
0x04 4 Reboot Failure
0x05 5 Connect Failure
0x06 6 Platform Error
0x07 7 XML Format Error
0x08 8 Open DLL Failure
0x09 9 Get NULL Pointer
0x0A 10 No Interface Found
0x0B 11 Return Invalid Result
0x0C-0x1F 12-31 Reserved Generic Common Failure
0x20-0x3F 32-63 Inventory Diagnose application error
0x40-0x5F1 64-95 Update application error
0x60-0x7F2 96-127 Configuration application error
0x80-0x9F 128-159 FoD application error
0xA0-0xDF 160-223 Misc applications error
0xE0-0xFF 224-255 Reserved
  1. See Table 2for specific update-related return codes.

  2. See Table 3for specific configuration-related return codes.

Table 2. ToolsCenter Suite CLI Update-related Return Codes
Return code Decimal base Description
0x00 0 Success
0x40 64 Generic Acquire Module Failure
0x41 65 Generic Scan Module Failure
0x42 66 Generic Query Module Failure
0x43 67 Generic Comparison Module Failure
0x44 68 Generic Flash Module Failure
0x45 69 File related error occurred; cause could be missing file or IO error
0x46 70 CIM service failed. Check log/xml for more information
0x47 71 A device related error occurered.
0x48 72 Failed to generate common result XML file.
0x49 73 Failed to get OS type using scan command.
0x4a 74 Invalid/unsupported machine type
0x4b 75 Invalid/unsupported OS type
0x4c 76 Authentication failed; unable to validate userid and password.
0x4d 77 Flash finished running but multiple packages failed to be flashed using multiple cases (for example, using both option update and xFirmware update).
0x4e 78 (IBM systems only.) Make sure UXSPI_PATH is set to the executable binary of UXSPI in global.config
0x4f 79 (IBM systems only.) Command not supported in UXSPI.
0x5a 89 Update flash failure: Error payload file does not exist.
0x50 80 (IBM systems only.) Current module is not supported. Only compare/flash are supported.
0x51 81 UXLite does not run successfully or the UXLinte path was not set correctly.
0x52 82 Update module was not able to write to XML file.
0x53 83 Failed to run flash with ESXi.
0x54 84 Failed t orun flash with IOSwitch.
0x55 85 Failed to run flash with CMM.
0x56 86 Failed to run flash with OOB.
0x58 87 Failed to run flash with xFirmware.
0x59 88 Failed to run flash with Option update.
0x5f 95 Update application failed to run due to undefined eror.
Table 3. ToolsCenter Suite CLI configuration-related return codes
Return code Decimal base Description
0x60 96 Failed to run the command.
0x61 97 Failed to get information.
0x62 98 Failed to set a setting item or items.
0x63 99 Failed to open the file.
0x64 100 Failed to read the file.
0x65 101 Failed to write the file.
0x66 102 Failed to generate, export, import, or delete certification.
0x67 103 Failed to reconnect to IMM after the command had executed successfully. Try another method to check the result.
0x68 104 One or more commands are invalid in the batch file.