save command

Use the save command to save all of the settings to a file.

save command syntax

OneCli.exe config save --file<savetofilename>[--output<folder>][connection option]
Table 1. save command parameters
Parameter Required/Optional Notes
--file Required The file name where settings and values are stored. ToolsCenter Suite CLI reads the setting from the system and then stores the setting and value in the file.
--output Optional

By default, the log file output is saved to: ../Onecli-%PID%-%date%-%time%/.

--group Optional The name of a group section.

The group_name is the name used in the XML to group setting per subsystem, which should be obtained by running the command showgroups.

--excbackupctl Optional

Used to exclude the VPD settings.

The default is to include all VPD.

connection option Optional
--imm <user:pwd@ip>
Use for OOB.
Use for in-band, if you know the LAN over USB IP of the target IMM.
Use to specify the target IMM.
--node <x>
Use for inband cases on a multinode system.
Where x is a numeric value that indicates the node number. For example, if "--node 2" the target IMM is in the second node of a multinode system.

Example of the save command

OneCli.exe config save --file saved.txt --imm USERID:PASSW0RD@
This is the output generated from this example:
Lenovo ToolsCenterSuite CLI tcliXXX-X.X.X
Based on module version X.X.X
Licensed Materials - Property of Lenovo
(C) Copyright Lenovo Corp. 2013-2016 All Rights Reserved
Invoking SHOW command ...
Connected to IMM by IP address
Warning: Setting IMM.NTPHost1 has an invalid value and will not be saved.
Warning: Setting IMM.NTPHost2 has an invalid value and will not be saved.
Warning: Setting IMM.NTPHost3 has an invalid value and will not be saved.
Warning: Setting IMM.NTPHost4 has an invalid value and will not be saved.
Settings saved to saved.txt
The format of the content in the saved file is:
This is an example of the saved.txt file output: