showdes command

Use the showdes command to view a detailed description of one or more settings. For uEFI settings, the detailed description for this command is the same information that you access when you press F1 during startup.

showdes command syntax

OneCli.exe config showdes[command option][--output<folder>][connection
Table 1. showdes command parameters
Parameter Required/Optional Notes
command option Optional
Default value.
Displays all of the supported settings.
group name
Displays the settings that belong to a group name.
setting name
The setting name value.
--output Optional

By default, the log file output is saved to: ../Onecli-%PID%-%date%-%time%/.

connection option Optional
--imm <user:pwd@ip>
Use for OOB.
Use for in-band, if you know the LAN over USB IP of the target IMM.
Use to specify the target IMM.
--node <x>
Use for inband cases on a multinode system.
Where x is a numeric value that indicates the node number. For example, if "--node 2" the target IMM is in the second node of a multinode system.

Example of the showdes command

OneCli.exe config showdes imm --imm USERID:PASSORD@
This is the output generated from this example:
IMM.IMMInfo_Location: IMM Location

Help for IMM Location
Configure the "IMM Information", "location" setting.

IMM.IMMInfo_RoomId: IMM RoomId

Help for IMM RoomId
Configure the "IMM Information", "RoomId" setting.

IMM.IMMInfo_RackId: IMM RackId

Help for IMM RackId
Configure the "IMM Information", "RackId" setting.