Using ToolsCenter Suite CLI for Linux

This procedure describes how to download and extract ToolsCenter Suite CLI for Linux.

ToolsCenter Suite CLI is available for download from: ToolsCenter Suite CLI website.

  1. Select a ToolsCenter Suite CLI package for your Linux operating system:
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_rhel5_i386.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_rhel5_x86-64.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_rhel6_i386.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_rhel6_x86-64.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_rhel7_x86-64.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_sles10_i386.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_sles10_x86-64.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_sles11_i386.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_sles11_x86-64.tgz
    • lnvgy_utl_tclixxx-1.x.x_sles12_x86-64.tgz
  2. Copy the ToolsCenter Suite CLI binary file to the target server or to a removable medium that has been inserted into the target machine.
  3. After downloading the appropriate ToolsCenter Suite CLI TGZ file, issue the tar -xf binary_name command to complete the file extraction.
  4. Open a Linux Terminal window.
  5. On the command line, enter cd to change to the directory where the ToolsCenter Suite CLI binary file is located.
  6. Enter ./OneCli and press the enter key.
    You are now ready to begin using ToolsCenter Suite CLI.
    Note: Do not extract the files in Windows and then copy the extracted files to Linux. There is link information between the *.o files, and extraction in Windows will cause this information to be lost.