Known limitations

ToolsCenter Suite CLI has the following general limitation.

ToolsCenter Suite CLI System Overview page shows wrong OS suite type on Windows server 2012 series OS (Retain tip 95945)
The ToolsCenter Suite CLI System Overview page shows the wrong OS suite type for the Windows server 2012 series operating system: the suite type will be always shown as "Standard Edition" on the inventory page. For the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems, since the suite type is not supported by winAPI, refer to the MSDN at,v=vs.85%29.aspx for information.
ToolsCenter Suite CLI can’t display "Other Devices" on RHEL6 and RHEL7 (Retain tip 91732)
The ToolsCenter Suite CLI is unable to parse the configuration file "/etc/sysconfig/hwconf" to collect "OtherDevice" information for RHEL6 and RHEL7 due to lack of Kudzu support.
ToolsCenter Suite CLI shows the volumes' layout and status unknown on windows 2012 series OS (Retain tip 95943)
The ToolsCenter Suite CLI shows the volume layout and status as unknown for Windows 2012 series operating systems when the partition type is static. Since the ToolsCenter Suite CLI will attempt to read the LDM (logical disk management) data from the Windows operating system for these properties, and LDM was deprecated in favor of Storage Spaces for Windows 8 and Windows 2012, the ToolsCenter Suite CLI shows an unknown status for these two properties of a static disk.
ToolsCenter Suite CLI might show garbled or unreadable characters in some inventory results
The ToolsCenter Suite CLI acquires raw data from the system, some of which is random or unreadable by humans, and does not filter it prior to display. The unreadable characters are isolated occurrences that appear in line with readable text.