Return codes

ToolsCenter Suite CLI issues a return code to indicate either successful execution of a command or to indicate an error occurred while the program was running. A return code of zero indicates the operation was successful, and a nonzero return code indicates an error.

To determine whether any errors occurred and when based on the associated timestamp, refer to one of the following log files:
  • For Windows, review the C:\Lenovo_Support\onecli.log file.
  • For Linux, review the /var/log/Lenovo_Support/onecli.log file.
The ToolsCenter Suite CLI return codes table provides a complete list of all return codes.
Table 1. ToolsCenter Suite CLI return codes
Return code Decimal base Description
0x00 0 Success
0x01 1 Invalid command line
0x02 2 Generic Failure
0x03 3 XML File missing
0x04 4 Reboot Failure
0x05 5 Connect Failure
0x06 6 Platform Error
0x07 7 XML Format Error
0x08 8 Open DLL Failure
0x09 9 Get NULL Pointer
0x0A 10 No Interface Found
0x0B 11 Return Invalid Result
0x0C-0x1F 12-31 Reserved Generic Common Failure
0x20-0x3F 32-63 Inventory Diagnose application error
0x40-0x5F 64-95 Update application error
0x60-0x7F 96-127 Configuration application error
0x80-0x9F 128-159 FoD application error
0xA0-0xDF 160-223 Misc applications error
0xE0-0xFF 224-255 Reserved