upload command

Use the upload command to upload log files to a server. The XML log files are generated using the getinfor command. If the upload command is specified, the log file is automatically uploaded to the specified server.

upload command syntax

Onecli.exe inventory upload [--srcdata <file>] [--upload ftp://username:password@ftphost/path/] [--proxy userid:password@IP<[:port]]>]
Table 1. upload command parameters
Parameter Required/Optional Notes
--srcdata Required Used to identify the log file that will be formatted and uploaded to a server.
--upload Required
  • If serveraddress is specified, upload the output files to this server.
  • If not specified, there is no upload.
--proxy Optional Use proxy to connect to upload server.
Note: Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported. Enclose IPv6 addresses in brackets. For example, [FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0].