UpdateXpress System Pack

An UpdateXpress System Pack (UXSP) is an integration-tested bundle of online firmware and driver updates for System x and BladeCenter servers. UpdateXpress System Packs are generally released semiannually for the first three years and annually for the final three years of support.

UpdateXpress System Packs simplify the process for downloading and installing all of the online driver and firmware updates for a given system, ensuring that you are always working with a complete and current set of updates that have been tested together and bundled by Lenovo.

UpdateXpress System Packs are created for a machine type and operating system combination. Separate UpdateXpress System Packs are provided for Windows and each of the Linux distributions.

For example, there could be several UpdateXpress System Packs for one particular machine type. There could also be an update for Windows and for each Linux distribution.

UXSP format
A UpdateXpress System Pack is delivered as an XML file.
The naming convention for a UXSP has the following format: lnvgy_utl_uxsp_version_operatingsystem_arch.xml
Example: lnvgy_utl_uxsp_a3sp27a-1.00_windows_32-64.xml