Technical overview of Lenovo UpdateXpress System Pack Installer

Lenovo UpdateXpress System Pack Installer acquires and deploys UpdateXpress System Pack update packages and individual updates. UpdateXpress System Packs contain Windows and Linux firmware and device driver updates.

The three main functions of UpdateXpress System Pack Installer are:
Acquire Updates
The acquire updates function allows you to download UpdateXpress System Pack and individual updates for supported machine types from a remote location such as the IBM support website.
Compare and Update
The compare and update functions inventory the system on which the update will be performed, query the update directory for a list of applicable update packages, compare the inventory to the applicable update list, recommend a set of updates to apply, and then deploy those updates to the system.
Update BladeCenter
The update bladecenter function updates the BladeCenter Management Module, the I/O Modules, and the RAID Shared Storage Module (RSSM) infrastructure.