A scenario for using the IBM Deployment Pack

This scenario describes an end-to-end task path that includes the major tasks of installing, creating operating system deployment packages, and deploying the packages.

Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 is a product that Microsoft sells and documents on the Microsoft TechNet.

One main goal of this IBM® Deployment Pack documentation is to keep you pointed in the right direction, to help you use Configuration Manager 2007 wisely and safely, and to help you use the IBM extensions for deploying Microsoft operating system images on IBM servers as efficiently as possible.

Major tasks for using the IBM Deployment Pack for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 include:

Descriptions of these major tasks introduce Configuration Manager 2007 concepts and components in a context that shows you possible choices that you might make as you perform your real-life scenarios.

This information for the IBM Deployment Pack does not attempt to duplicate the Microsoft documentation on TechNet, but provides pointers to Configuration Manager 2007 planning information, conceptual topics, and task descriptions that are on TechNet.

The introductory topics for the scenario provide a context for understanding what tasks are typically necessary to achieve a goal, and why you would perform the tasks, either through descriptions of important considerations or pointers to Microsoft documentation that you should read.

The end-to-end task in Putting it all together: an end-to-end scenario describes many of the tasks that you might perform to receive several bare-metal servers from IBM and deploy an operating system on them.

Use these scenarios to decide what you must install, how to create deployable operating system packages, and how to distribute the packages to make them available to deploy on new and existing machines.