Deploying an operating system image package

You might perform any of several deployment tasks as you deploy operating system deployment packages and use task sequences that you develop.

About this task
Possible task components for typical scenarios for deploying operating system packages and task sequences include:
  • Building a reference computer
  • Adding a new computer to the database
  • Deploying an operating system image to a computer
  • Creating a computer association for a side-by-side migration
  • Performing a side-by-side deployment
  • Creating task sequence bootable media for use within the site
  • Creating stand-alone media
  • Capturing an image from a reference computer using capture media
  • Deploying an image to a new computer using boot media
  • Deploying an image to an offline computer
  • Adding boot images to the PXE service point
  • Configuring the PXE service point
  • Deploying an image using PXE

For a description of each of these possible tasks, see Technet: Tasks for Operating System Deployment.