You can use the Add or Remove Programs window to uninstall the IBM Deployment Pack quickly, or you can use the interactive uninstall program.

About this task
Important: By design, uninstalling does not remove the IBM-specific boot images that were created during installation. The images are tied to task sequence packages. So removing the boot image might invalidate otherwise working task sequences that you are using. If you are no longer using the boot images, you can simply delete them from the console.

When removing the installation, the uninstall process replaces the custom action with a stub interface. This stub is simply a blank, non-operational task step that replaces steps held by the previous custom action. This is done so that you can keep your existing task sequences and open them for editing without causing a system exception error. Otherwise, trying to load a non-existent custom action causes a system exception error. You can delete these stub steps if you like, but they are a reminder of the previous location of the custom actions.

A stub replacement in your task sequence does not cause an exception when loading, but might not function correctly if any remaining steps relied on actions performed by replaced step. Test your system after uninstalling the IBM Deployment Pack.