Updating the LenovoLinux pre-installation environment

You can update the LenovoLinux pre-installation environment to use pre-installation environments that have been released since the most current release of Toolkit.

Linux Scripting Toolkit provides a means of updating the LenovoLinux pre-installation environment in the main menu with the Boot Environment option. When you select this option, the window displays the current boot environment file, which is the pre-installation environment, along with the option to update it. You can update the file by using the Download option to download it from the Lenovo website at http://www.lenovo.com, or by using the Local option to update it from a boot environment file that is stored on the server. If the Download option fails, see Acquiring the LenovoLinux pre-installation environment for information about how to obtain the boot environment file.

Note: You can only use this option to update the boot environment file to a more recent version. If you need to roll back the boot environment file to an earlier version, you must manually remove the newer version and replace it with an older version. By default, the boot environment files are located in the following folder: