Configure RAID, install Windows, install applications and updates

You can use the Toolkit to create a complete deployment package that configures RAID, installs the Windows operating system, and installs selected applications and updates.

Installing IBM Director Agent and UXSP updates

This example creates an image for RAID1 configuration by using a policy file, local installation of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition x86, and installation of theIBM Director Agent and UpdateXpress System Pack updates.

Before you begin

Before beginning this process, ensure that you have added the IBM Director Agent files to the source tree as described in Adding IBM Director Agent files and the UXSP files as described in Adding UpdateXpress System Packs.


  1. At a command prompt, change the directory to \sgshare\sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE.
  2. Modify the ScenarioINIs\Local\Win2008_x86_EE.ini file as follows:
    1. To configure RAID1 by using a policy file, set TK_PRAID_PolicyFile=RAID1.ini.
    2. To install IBM Director Agent set TK_NOS_PerformDirectorAgentInstallation=Yes.
    3. To install the UpdateXpress System Pack updates, set TK_NOS_PerformPostOSInstallUXSPUpdates=Yes.
  3. Create the ISO image for deployment by running the command SGTKWinPE.cmd , using the file you have modified as shown:
    SGTKWinPE.cmd ScenarioINIs\Local\Win2008_x86_EE.ini
    The ISO file for deployment is created in: ..\WinPE_ScenarioOutput\Local_Win2008_x86_EE\WinPE_x86.iso, and your media creation software is started to create bootable media from the image.
  4. Boot the target system from the created media, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the deployment.