Advanced Settings Utility

ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit includes Advanced Settings Utility (ASU), and uses a subset of the ASU functions to capture and deploy firmware settings as part of the scripted deployments.

You can use ASU to modify firmware settings from the command line on multiple operating-system platforms.

The following examples illustrate ASU syntax and usage.
Table 1. ASU syntax and usage
Command Description
asu.exe show bios
  • Displays and captures CMOS settings.
  • Use redirection to store this output in a file as shown here:
    asu.exe show bios > bios_settings.ini
asu.exe replicate filename
  • Applies CMOS settings from a file.
  • ASU finds and reads the contents of the specified filename.
  • If the contents are valid CMOS settings, they are applied, one line at a time, to the server.
  • The following example applies the bios_settings.ini settings:
    asu.exe replicate bios_settings.ini
Note: Due to a difference in BIOS settings and valid values between models, only settings captured from an identical model can be replicated.