Installing Windows applications and upgrades

You can use the Toolkit to create a complete deployment package that configures RAID, installs the Windows operating system, and installs selected applications and updates.

Complete the following prerequisite steps:
This procedure provides an example of how to create a RAID1 configuration image that includes:
  1. At a command prompt, change the directory to \sgshare\sgdeploy\SGTKWinPE.
  2. Modify the ScenarioINIs\Local\Win2008_x86_EE.ini file as follows:
    1. To configure RAID1 by using a policy file, set TK_PRAID_PolicyFile=RAID1.ini.
    2. To install Systems Director Agent set TK_NOS_PerformDirectorAgentInstallation=Yes.
    3. To install the UpdateXpress System Pack updates, set TK_NOS_PerformPostOSInstallUXSPUpdates=Yes.
  3. Create the ISO image for deployment by running the command SGTKWinPE.cmd, using the file you modified:
    SGTKWinPE.cmd ScenarioINIs\Local\Win2008_x86_EE.ini
    The ISO file for deployment is created in: ..\WinPE_ScenarioOutput\Local_Win2008_x86_EE\WinPE_x86.iso, and your media creation software is started for creating bootable media from the image.
  4. Boot the target system from the bootable media, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the deployment.