Command processing and general usage notes

Usage notes for UpdateXpress System Pack Installer include command processing and general usage information.

When using the CLI to invoke the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer GUI, you only need to type the executable filename. In the following examples, <program> represents the executable filename. You do not need to specify an option or a command. The GUI can be operated by either a mouse or a keyboard.

You can use the help or version options by typing them in the CLI with or without a command. (The second example shown below displays the use of these options without a command).

Options are processed before commands. Some examples of this behavior are as follows:
  1. <program> update --local=uxsp -h -V

    Although this command processes the -local option first, that option only sets a variable, which goes unnoticed. What you will see is the command returning the version information and exiting before running the update command, because the -V option, which exits the program when complete, is processed first.

  2. <program> -V -h

    This command returns the version information and exits before printing the help information or launching the GUI, because the first option to be processed is -V, which is an option that exits the program when complete.

  3. <program> --acquire-help

    This command returns the help information specific to the acquire command and exits.

  4. <program> --bladecenter-help

    This command returns the help information specific to updating BladeCenter components such as the Management Module, I/O Modules and including RSSM.

  5. <program> --update-help

    This command returns the help information specific to the update command and exits.

Sometimes an update package applies to a component for which UpdateXpress System Pack Installer cannot determine the system version. In this case, UpdateXpress System Pack Installer displays undetectable for the system version, displays the version of the update package, and selects the package as a recommended update.

UpdateXpress System Pack Installer does not restart the system for any update. If an update does not take effect until the system is restarted, you must restart the system. Information is displayed to let you know which updates require a restart.