UpdateXpress System Pack Installer deployment return values

UpdateXpress System Pack Installer issues these deployment return values when update deployment has finished.

Table 1. UpdateXpress System Pack Installer deployment return values
Update return code Displayed text Description
0 Success The update completed successfully.
3 Certified Linux driver is not updated For Linux device drivers, a message is also displayed explaining that the update could not be performed, because the system is currently running a certified driver provided by the Linux distribution. Instructions for overriding the certified Linux driver are also displayed. For Linux firmware and Windows, this is reported as Install did not succeed.
171 Not applicable This update is not applicable to the current system configuration. This is usually the case when the update package for a device driver determines that the hardware that the driver is applicable to is not present in the system.
172 Prerequisites not met Update was unable to install because all of the prerequisites were not met. The prerequisites may include not having the required software already installed or the hardware is not configured correctly.
All other codes Install did not succeed The update did not install successfully. This could be the result of an error in the update package, or the update failing during installation. This message is sometimes displayed when all the prerequisites were not met.
Note: Update deployment return codes, other than Install did not succeed, are mapped to an UpdateXpress System Pack Installer return code of 0: Success. All other package return codes cause the Installer to exit with return code of 60: Generic Update Failure. One or more updates did not install during deployment.