Return codes

UpdateXpress System Pack Installer issues a return code to indicate whether an error occurred while the program is running. The installer returns zero return code if the operation is successful and nonzero return code if there is an error. Review the C:\Lenovo_Support\uxsp.log file for Windows and the /var/log/Lenovo_Support/uxsp.log file for Linux to determine whether any errors occurred and the associated timestamp.

Refer to UpdateXpress System Pack Installer return codes for a complete list of return codes.

Each time the program is run, regardless of the command-line options used, UpdateXpress System Pack Installer logs to the following log files:
Linux syslog or Microsoft Windows event log
Contain only high-level, predefined strings.
"[timestamp] - [update description] [update version] was 
[successfully | unsuccessfully] applied <from UpdateXpress System Pack 
System Pack [UpdateXpress System Pack name] [UpdateXpress 
System PackUpdateXpress System Pack version]>"
Program trace log file in the Lenovo_Support directory
Contains program information at a higher level of detail than what goes in the syslog or event log files. However, the same strings that are logged to the system log will be replicated here. This log file has the same level of detail regardless of the command-line option used. This log file is in text format.