Creating a repository of updates

UpdateXpress System Pack Installer can create a repository of UXSP(s) or individual updates acquired from a website.

The following prerequisites are required to complete this task:
Complete the following procedure to create an update repository:
  1. Double-click lnvgy_utl_uxspi_10.6_winsrvr_32-64.exe to launch the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer GUI.
    The initial window describes UpdateXpress System Pack Installer.
  2. Click Next.


    The machine type and operating system for the system running UpdateXpress System Pack Installer is displayed near the top of the window. The UpdateXpress System Pack Installer version is also displayed.

  3. In the Update Task window, select Create a repository of updates and click Next.
  4. In the Update Type window, select the type of updates you want to acquire and click Next. Possible updates are:
    • UpdateXpress System Packs (UXSPs)
    • Individual updates
  5. On the Machine Types window, select the machine types you want to acquire updates for and click Next.


    • You can select all of the listed machine types by checking the top checkbox in the header.
    • You can add and remove machine types from the list using the Add and Remove buttons. To add a machine type, click Add and then specify the machine type. To remove a machine type, select the machine type in the list and then click Remove.
  6. In the Operating Systems window, select the operating systems you would like to acquire updates for.


    • If you selected to acquire individual updates, you can select OS independent update for updates that do not run from a particular operating system, such as a Management Module update for a BladeCenter. When acquiring Management Module updates, the machine type of the relevant BladeCenter chassis must be selected.
    • In the CLI, use none to qualify the -o | --os option. In the CLI or the GUI, specify OS independent update as the OS type.
  7. In the Target Directory window, specify the directory to download the updates to or accept the default location and click Next.
  8. In the HTTP Proxy Setting window, specify the proxy information, if required, and click Next.
  9. If you selected to acquire individual updates, the Update Selection window is displayed. Select the updates you want, and then click Next.
    The progress bar indicates that the installer is acquiring updates, but does not show the percentage of progress completed. The Complete window is displayed when the repository has been created successfully.
  10. Click Finish.