Updating the firmware for a BladeCenter RAID SAS switch module

The following procedure describes how to update the firmware for a BladeCenter RAID SAS switch module.

The following prerequisites are required to complete this task.


Complete the appropriate steps for your system to update firmware for a BladeCenter RAID SAS switch modules.

Tip: Updating firmware for the BladeCenter RAID SAS switch modules takes approximately 30 minutes.

  1. (Windows only) Install Microsoft Visual Studio Dynamic Link Libraries.
    1. Download the libraries to a temporary directory from the web by going to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=3387and clicking Download.
    2. Run vcredist_x86.exe in the temporary directory, using the instructions in the installation wizard.
  2. (Windows only) Install Cygwin.
    1. Download Cygwin to the C:\cyg_dnld\ directory from the web at www.cygwin.com/setup.exe.
    2. Run setup.exe in the C:\cyg_dnld\ directory. The Cygwin Setup installation wizard is displayed.
    3. Click Next. The Choose Installation Type page is displayed.
    4. Click Install from Internet, and then click Next. The Choose Installation Directory page is displayed
    5. Accept the default settings, and click Next. The Select Local Package Directory page is displayed.
    6. Accept the default settings, and click Next. The Select Connection Type page is displayed.
    7. Click Direct Connection, and click Next. The Choose Download Sites page is displayed.
    8. Select any of the URLs listed in the Available Download Sites list, and click Next. The Select Packages page is displayed.
    9. Select the following installation packages and then click Next.
      Table 1. Installation packages for firmware updates
      Category Package Minimum version Description
      Devel gcc-core 3.4.4-3 C compiler
      Devel make 3.81-2 The GNU version of the make utility
      Libs ncurses 5.5-3 Libraries for terminal handling
      Net openssh 5.0p1-1 The openSSH server and client programs
      Net ping 1.0-1 A basic networking tool to test IP network connectivity
      Net inetutils 1.5-4 A common networking client and server
      Python Python 2.5.1-2 An interactive object-oriented scripting language
      web wget 1.10.2-2 Utility used to retrieve files from the internet using HTTP and FTP

      When the installation is finished, the Cygwin Setup - Installation Status and Create Icons window is displayed.

    10. Click Finish.
  3. (Linux only) Install Python 2.5 or greater.

    Tip: You can download Python from the web at www.python.org/download/.

  4. Install Pexpect for Python:
    1. Download Pexpect from the web at pexpect.sourceforge.net/pexpect-2.3.tar.gz.
    2. Open a bash shell. In Windows, run the Cygwin bash shell icon on your desktop. In Linux, open a terminal session.
    3. From the bash shell, enter the following commands:
      tar -xzf pexpect-2.3.tar.gzcd pexpect-2.3python ./setup.py install
  5. Download the SAS RAID Controller firmware update package.
  6. Ensure that the update package ibm_fw_bcsw_s0cl-n.n.n.nnn_anyos_noarch.sh is an executable file. If it is not, enter the following command:
    chmod +x ibm_fw_bcsw_s0cl-n.n.n.nnn_anyos_noarch.sh
  7. Place both RAID Controller Modules in service mode:
    1. Login to either RAID Controller CLI.
    2. Enter the following command from one of the RAID controller modules to place the both RAID controller modules in service mode:
      shutdown -system -state servicemode
    3. Wait for the controllers to reboot.
    4. Log in to one of the RAID Controller CLIs.
    5. Verify that both RAID controllers are in service mode by entering the following command:
      list controller
  8. Enter one of the following commands from a Cygwin bash shell to update firmware:
    lnvgy_utl_uxspi_10.6_winsrvr_32-64.rhel5.distro bc -i --mm-user=user_id 
    --mm-password=password --mm-address=ip_address --io-bay=io_bay


    Specifies the distribution. For example, use:
    • Windows: lnvgy_utl_uxspi_10.6_winsrvr_32-64.exe
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5:
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.0: lnvgy_utl_uxspi_10.3_sles10_32-64.bin
    Specifies the user ID of the management module.
    Specifies the password of the management module.
    Specifies the IP address of the management module.
    Note: When using an IPv6 address, you must enclose the address in brackets as shown here: [IPv6_address].
    Specifies the bay number of either SAS RAID controller.
    Specifies the build number of the update package.