Updating from removable media (non-bootable)

You can use UpdateXpress System Pack Installer (UXSPI) to copy a set of UpdateXpress System Packs to removable media, such as a USB key or CD. The version of UXSPI is included in each of the UpdateXpress System Packs.

When mounting the media on a Linux operating system ensure the exec flag is set on the mounted device. This is especially true for RHEL5, since the default is to mount USB keys using noexec. Otherwise, you will get a permission denied message when executing a program from the mounted device.
Note: Use the following workaround for RHEL5:
  1. Unmount the USB key.
  2. Remount it using an explicit exec option. For example:
    umount /dev/sdc1
    mkdir /media/disk
    mount -o exec /dev/sdc1 /media/disk