Performing specific management tasks

For successful operating system deployments using the Operating System Deployment feature and the IBM Deployment Pack, you must perform some configuration tasks after installing the Deployment Pack.

About this task
You perform some configuration tasks as you use the Configuration Manager console to build and deploy installation packages. Configuration tasks that you might perform using the console include:
  • Adding operating system images and installation packages
  • Adding operating system images
  • Capturing operating system images
  • Adding operating system installation packages
  • Configuring the state migration point
  • Importing Windows® device drives into the driver catalog
  • Importing IBM® and third-party device drivers into the driver catalog
  • Creating a driver package
  • Adding device drivers to an existing driver package
  • Disabling or enabling a driver in the catalog
  • Deleting a driver from the catalog
  • Creating task sequences:
    • Creating a task sequence to perform an image capture
    • Creating task sequences to capture and restore the user state
    • Creating a task sequence to install a driver package
    • Creating a task sequence to deploy an existing image package
    • Creating a task sequence to build and capture an image
    • Creating a custom task sequence
  • Advertising task sequences
  • Copying a task sequence from one site to another
  • Adding a software package to an existing deployment task sequence
  • Creating and using task sequence variables
  • Updating a boot image
  • Adding device drivers to a boot image
  • Adding command line support to a boot image
  • Creating a custom boot image
  • Adding a custom boot image to Configuration Manager
  • Updating the distribution points for a boot image
  • Updating the distribution points for the operating system installation package

For a description of each of these possible tasks, see Technet: Configuring Operating System Deployment.